Relaxation is an Art Form

My first thought on seeing my daughter relaxing on my parents dining table was,

‘Get off, we don’t lie on the table!’

Luckily, I’m now much more able to check my immediate thoughts before I voice them.

I stopped and took in the view:

Stuffed animal as a pillow, favourite soft toy to snuggle, a blanket in case she got cold and of course, her all important phone to chill with.

How many of us can get comfortable wherever we are?

How many of us can stop rushing about and relax when we need a rest?

Or do we tell ourselves that we’ll relax later, or tomorrow, maybe when we get somewhere quiet, or when we go on holiday, or to the spa?

It occurred to me that my daughter had got creative with her relaxation, so rather than give in to my initial thoughts about the appropriateness of chilling on a table, I took a photo for posterity, and marvelled at the ability of children to find satisfaction in the moment.

What’s the most unlikely place you’ve ever managed to relax?

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9 thoughts on “Relaxation is an Art Form

  1. I like the photo. I admire your daughter for her spunk when it comes to going thunk. I’ve been known to fall asleep at the movies, especially if it’s an action movie. They often bore me to tears… or I guess snoozes.

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    • Haha I feel the same about romantic comedies! 🙈

      Thank you…she’s an expert in comfort, I admire her too.

      And thanks for the new word…I only knew thunk as a sound so I had to look up the slang…I love a new word!


  2. Good for her, she should enjoy the fact she can get comfortable on such a hard surface as she’s unlikely to be able to do that as she gets older. I actually schedule time to sit and read or just daydream, even if it’s only at weekends. If it’s written on my daily list of things to do then I have to do it in order to cross it off !!! I will nod off in lectures if the speaker isn’t interesting. My head jerking back up from my chest as I realise I’ve “gone”, then that awkward look around to see if anyone noticed. We all need to remove the guilt from taking some time out to just be. X

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    • My thoughts exactly…remember the days when you got sit cross legged on the floor for hours and not even groan when you got up? 😂

      The scheduling of daydream time is brilliant…it’s so important to just be, as you said, I love that it makes your to do list!

      I’m laughing as I imagine you nodding off in lectures 😂 I think you’ll get away with it as long as you don’t snore 😉

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      • Unfortunately I do that bizarre choking, snorting sound as i wake up, which draws attention to me even more !! I’m past caring these days. Maybe it’ll prompt the lecturer to liven up his/ her content and delivery. X

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