Rinse and Repeat

I stare upon my nemesis, the mountainous pile of clothes
So begins another day of the drudgery I loathe
A never ending cycle of rinse, and dry and fold
I try to approach it with optimism, but it very soon gets old

The soundtrack to my life is water, spin and hum
The ear grating beep that alerts me, when its done
But done is such a loose word, for it never really ends
One load down, more awaits, and off we go again

Though the washer and dryer are workers, just a button to press
But the task that they produce, is one I couldn't care for less
For the piles of washing that towered, so high at the start of the day
Are now mountains of clothes to be folded and neatly put away
With motivating music I approach the task at hand
Determined to be chipper, but still the job is bland
With the last shirt neatly folded, I've nearly reached the end
The dryer emits its grating song and off we go again

Then there are times when it seems, that the task is truly done
The machines stand still and silent, basket empty, have I won
This war against the washing that I wage near every day
Could it be, at last, and finally, there's no washing in my way?
My lifting mood and rising spirits are dimmed by an errant sock
Peeking out from under the bed, surely sent to mock
Further inspection reveals, not just a sock but shorts and pants
Whole piles have evaded the capture, I shelve my victory dance

Why is it so hard, for me to accept that this will never end?
As long as life persists: rinse, repeat and fold again

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