by Rae Cod The icy deluge continued to pour, stinging his face and plastering his shirt and jeans to a body which a few days ago had felt strong, but… Torrent

Questions without answers: exploring themes of longing and trust

I’m reading To Shake the Sleeping Self by Jedidiah Jenkins.  My friends bought it for my birthday; it’s about a guy who reaches his thirties and realises he hasn’t really lived, so he’s never really discovered much about himself.  He drops everything and leaves his comfort zone firmly in the rear view to bike from … Continue reading Questions without answers: exploring themes of longing and trust

The Ghost of Grimsby Car Park

An urban myth retold in this month’s short story offering. Thanks to Gobblers/Masticadores for publishing.

Gobblers & Masticadores

by Rae Cod

‘I heard he used the cash to buy a boat, called her Dignity,’ said Dave, taking a sip of his second pint of the evening.

‘Who told you that one?’ said Carl laughing as he made his way over from the bar to join them, ‘Deacon Blue?’

Dave looked puzzled for a second as John and Deborah laughed and the penny dropped.

‘It could still be true,’ he protested, ‘got any better ideas?’

Carl shrugged, ‘If it was me, I’d buy a huge island somewhere sunny, build a mansion where no one could find me.’

‘He was only collecting the parking money for twenty-five years,’ said Deborah, ‘not sure he’d have quite enough for that.’

‘Go on then Carole Vorderman,’ said John, how much did he get away with?

Deborah’s expression went blank for a few seconds as she retreated inside her head, lips moving silently as…

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Red Squirrel

I hoped to catch a glimpse of you bright eyed and bushy tailed I scanned each tree in earnest but all to no avail Through closed eyes and wound back time there you are so clearly Bouncing through the autumn leaves I loved to watch you dearly My Dad would say how lucky We were … Continue reading Red Squirrel