Sunday Silliness

The grown ups in my life 
don’t like a silly rhyme
When I try to read one
they say they’ve got no time

But they’ve got time to do the dishes
They’ve got time to wash their face
They’ve got time to feed the fishes
And tidy up the place

But where’s the time for laughter?
For silliness and games?
No wonder they’re so grumpy
When every day’s the same.

A bit of fun this Sunday rhyme time. This one was inspired after reading Michael Rosen’s book of nonsense to my son and I realised there’s a huge space in my heart for light hearted rhymes and fun, though as an adult I find that space very hard to access! Here’s another one I wrote on the same day that makes no sense but makes me laugh:

Fred, Fred
Get out of bed
I can’t find my shoe
And the donkey needs fed

Fred, Fred
Go back to bed
It’s only 3am
And the donkey’s dead

Have a frivolously fun Sunday everyone.

6 thoughts on “Sunday Silliness

    • Hi Tom, welcome and thanks for your kind comment, glad you liked the poems.

      I just read your poem fire by the sea, loved the word play, it warmed me right up 😊


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