Bring the lightness

Bring the lightness
Bring the brightness
To the space we fear to tread
Check the ego at the door
Embrace humility instead
Remember what’s worth knowing
Is often felt but never taught
Insight rarely comes
From a being that is fraught
Why make the hard things harder
Why put the self to test
It doesn’t have to be a fight
Peace comes from a place of rest

Those who flow as life flows know they need no other force

Lao Tzu
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Thanks for joining me for another Sunday rhyme time. I’ve been thinking a lot about different kinds of energy lately, as I find myself trapped in a cycle of pushing but achieving little. The problem is this: the pushing is all in my head, in my thoughts. The to-do lists stretch long (as to-do lists always do) and I make them longer by mentally turning every simple task into a mammoth hurdle to be overcome.

But if I can find the magic of flow, these same tasks appear simple and are achieved almost effortlessly, minus the draining mind chatter and its endless state of ‘gotta, gotta, gotta.’ I’ve lost my flow recently, but I’m feeling my way back into it and trusting that it will come, without making it another seemingly insurmountable task on the list.

9 thoughts on “Bring the lightness

  1. Beautiful, absolutely incredible rhyme. I am so glad I read this today. According to Gabby Bernstein’s book, The Universe Has Your Back. Magic of flow means that what you desire the Universe wants for you too. We need to be open to receive all the Universe has for us based on the intentions we put out into the world. It’s supporting our growth and our dreams. The magic of flow is the freedom you experience by letting go. Its the peace you have in knowing that the Universe is working out the details.
    Happy Sunday

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    • Thanks Christina, that’s really kind of you to say. I heard somewhere (can’t remember where) that the best way to approach life is to always be open to being wrong and accepting there’s always more to learn…sounds good to me!


  2. “Insight rarely comes from a being that is fraught”.
    That is so true, but when you are caught up in the importance of achieving everything on the to do list, it’s really difficult to change that mindset. I’ve taken to giving myself a day every now and then where I write nothing on my list, and that helps me to draw breath and step back.
    Your words are so wise. Xx

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    • Love an idea of a day without a list!

      Ah the dreaded to do list! Me & A were talking about this today…we have lists but we also tend to cycle them non-stop through our heads so we don’t forget anything, which is frankly very tiring!

      I’m beginning to wonder if I’m wearing my brain out since I actually am forgetting things now, even if they’re written down!

      Or maybe it’s just my age 🤣

      If I find the secret to shifting the mindset for good I’ll let you know, at the moment it feels like little glimpses of calm in amongst the ‘oh shit, I forgot!’ 🤣😘


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