Red Squirrel

I hoped to catch a glimpse of you
bright eyed and bushy tailed
I scanned each tree in earnest
but all to no avail

Through closed eyes and wound back time
there you are so clearly
Bouncing through the autumn leaves
I loved to watch you dearly

My Dad would say how lucky
We were to have you near
Fewer of you year on year
Since grey ones did appear

If I could see you one more time
I’d know it’s not too late
To unpick all the damage done
Plot course to a new fate

But the trees stand still and stoic
Amidst the chatter of the birds
Reality unheroic
I lay down the need to be heard

When all control's surrendered
You dance across my path
In all your fiery glory
It’s then that I start to laugh

A bubbling in my belly
That spills upwards in delight
The Universe reminding me
Let go, it will be alright

Photo by paul on

I used to see a lot of red squirrels when I was a child but I hadn’t seen a single one as an adult. On a recent trip to the Lake District I was determined to spot one (having failed to do so on our last trip to the Lakes). Again no luck, until I finally gave up looking and a bright red squirrel bounced across the path right in front of me. My jaw dropped so low I looked like a fish out of water. The Universe has a wicked sense of humour.

Photo by Evgeny Tchebotarev on

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