The Hare

The hare‘s ears were set to receive
Twitching in a field of grey soon to welcome the light
Her body quivering as the missive settled
A vision absorbed as day chased away night

Calm clarity caressed her restless soul
A union of body and mind
A liminal space with the path clear before her
Tinged with excitement at what she might find

The hare returned to her form
Eager to share all she had felt and seen
But the fields were a-buzz with disaster
Mosaics of fear severe as any had been

The hare could find no ears to listen
No corner of stillness in this plane she called home
The air pressed in heavy around her
She was surrounded but always alone

Her vision began to drift
Lost in the motions of day to day life
Snared and torn by the act of existence
Entangled by thorns of fear born strife

It was then that she let go completely
Surrendered the need to be seen or be heard
A magic began to happen
A light kindled within and slowly unfurled

While her vision was bigger than just her
It was only herself she held power to change
But as she grew and her light bloomed stronger
Others noticed the glow in the one they thought strange

The glow which the hare cultivated
Spread slowly in ripples, meanders and swirls
Her hopes spread not through direct conversation
But in how she showed up in the world

Over time in shifts small and persistent
Discordant notes found a sound that rang true
The hare vibrated in chaotic harmony
With hares who had started their own journey too

Their paths weren’t always the same way
Some bounded ahead, others took their time
But in the moments when their beats converged
The fields filled to the brim with sonorous chime

As the hare settled down for the long sleep
She reflected on the wonder in life she had found
The gift in accepting the never knowing
But trusting her feet to meet unsteady ground.

Welcome to my first ever Monday rhyme time. The summer holidays are in full swing and and there may be sporadic posting over the next six weeks as time for reflection makes way for family fun, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

In my research for this week’s rhyme time I learned that hare’s are pretty solitary animals, living in loose groups or alone in shallow depressions called forms. I had always assumed hare’s lived in warrens like rabbits.

One lesson that I continue to try and make stick on this journey is not to assume, though I do enjoy the perpetual humbling that comes with the rediscovery of how little I actually know about this wonderful world we call home.

5 thoughts on “The Hare

  1. That was joyous to read Rae. We have hares in the field next to our house and I love watching them, some are as big as dogs. I too thought they lived in warrens.x

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