Toad’s Journey

Bear crawling
Belly slithering
Low and slow
close to the ground

Shower soaking
Sunshine storing
Pulling in
the strength around

For the journey
to the pond
where he spawned
some years ago

Life cycle 
on repeat
Instinct leads
the urge to sow

The path is fraught with perils
The journey long and hard
He cannot fight the pull
that calls him from the start

Over river,
road and country
Epic journey
Daring feat
Spawns a generation
Life cycle on repeat.

Photo by Chris F on

A toad crossed my path (literally) last week and stoked a fire of wonder in me, so I had to pay him homage this Sunday rhyme time. In all likelihood he was on his way back to the pond where he was born, a journey fraught with perils which toads make at springtime in order to mate. If you’d care to hear more about my walk of wonder and my encounter with Mr Toad, I’ll be writing about it in my blog next week.

13 thoughts on “Toad’s Journey

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  2. Aaw this is so evocative Rae….I feel for him and his struggle
    I love frogs too. I used to get so excited as a child when we would gather frog spawn and then watch them change from tadpoles to cute wee frogs, still love them now. X

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