The Grasshopper

The grasshopper clung to the curtain
Gripping tight to the gossamer thread
One thing she knew for certain
If she went back out there she was dead

The wide world posed a problem
For a creature of gentle ilk
The Birds, bees and bats,
The shrews and the rats
Hungered for her
as moths drawn to silk

She was stalked day and night
Through shadow and light
Until she found sanctuary in these walls
Here she could hide
from the horrors outside
Safe and sound from the siren calls

In the folds of this feather light fabric
Which cradled her trembling form
She could finally rest
free from the stress
Of pursuit by the hordes
and the swarms

Time ticked on
and her comfort
Seeded the source of her dis-ease
No nourishment grew in these four walls
Her body grew weaker by degrees

Her safety was just an illusion
She would die here slowly
but surely all the same
Out there
it was true
she had less control
But she could feel the air again

Bathe in the warmth of the suns golden rays
Eat the stems of the sweetest plants
This world might be wild and instinctive
yet it also offered a chance
to live in its natural beauty
seize the potential of every day
The comfort of her curtain
held only the promise of fading away

With the last of her strength
she made the leap
through the open door
To a world wild and free
with possibility
As her heart filled with trust
and with awe

At home once again in nature
Her vitality was restored
Prey was always a possibility
Yet the possibilities were so much more
Image by Tom Morel on Unsplash

Don’t be afraid that your life will end; be afraid that it will never begin.

Grace Hansen

This week’s Sunday rhyme time was inspired by a grasshopper we met in our holiday home in Croatia last week.

She stayed with us for a couple of days, hanging out on the curtains, until a friend helped her to freedom.

As much as we enjoyed her company, it wasn’t where she needed to be.

I’m dedicating this poem to Mandy and John, me and the grasshopper thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all your support and encouragement.

12 thoughts on “The Grasshopper

    • You’re more than welcome, thank you for all your support and encouragement 🥰 I thought John was very heroic (& quick) getting the grasshopper to safety and you’re right I did feel a definite pull to write about our holiday friend.


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