Anthropology, archaeology, sociology, psychology
Cardiology, cosmology, cryptology, zoology
So many 'ologies about but there’s only one for me
I’m obsessed, enthralled, enraptured by the study of flatology

Trumping, blowing, tooting
Wind passing day and night
Ripeness abounds with interesting sounds
Measured by ears and nose but not sight

The Latin term is flatus
But no need to get pedantic
It’s all just air to me
Fart or wind, it's just semantics

I’m sorry if it’s rude
I don’t mean to give offence
But I’ve studied all my life 
to be fluent in flatulence

Photo by Polina Zimmerman on Pexels.com

I have my friend John to thank for the inspiration for this rhyme. John used to comment on my blog quite frequently but then disappeared. I often found myself wondering what happened to him and hoping he was okay. He tends to bring out a playful side to me that not many can access, which he did in a comments conversation last night that sparked the idea for this poem. So thanks John, it’s good to have you back in the blogosphere.

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