Ordinary Magic

I used to see the sunset

Glorious shades of pink and blue
Overwhelmed by its magnificence
I knew not what to do
The swooping owl
the glistening grass
the ancient knotted tree
So much natural beauty
To smell and touch and see

Helplessly enthralled
by Earth’s beauty and its grace
Lost in insignificance
how could I find a place?
In the midst of all this brilliance
What could I possibly add?
Heart full of wonder
head torn asunder
From an impotence
tinged with sad

But as I grew
The urge to do
Shrank down
To less

A quieter mind
Succumbed to the heart
Soothing my distress

Now I understand the beauty
there for all to see
Nothing need be done
Take it in and let it be
Present in the wonder
Ordinary magic every day
Nothing need be done
A gift in every way.
Thanks Dad.

As a child I remember my Dad pointing out the beauty of the natural world to me; the sunsets (we were never up early enough to see the sun rise), the mountains, a wood on the mountainside in the shape of a heart. I would look on in awe. Sometimes it overwhelmed me, what was I supposed to do with all this beauty? As I’ve grown, I’ve realised all I need do is appreciate it.

6 thoughts on “Ordinary Magic

  1. I so relate to that pull to add something..to do something. But you are right simply letting that beauty sink into us and stand in appreciation of it can be enough. Beautiful poem and reflections about your father. 🌸

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    • All of us feel the pull at times, sometimes it’s motivating and others times it’s paralysing, in those times I find it helps to be still and appreciate (if I can remember to do it that is!)

      I have such amazing parents who have both done so much for me, I appreciate that too 😊

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