All you need

It’s not about the money

It doesn’t grow on trees

It doesn’t drift by in the breeze

like crumpled fallen leaves

What if wealth was in the stillness

of days that float on by

What if riches were the smiles

of strangers passing by

What if security was found

In the warmness of a hug

What if The Beatles had it right

And all you need is love?

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Hope you enjoyed this week’s Sunday rhyme time. My husband and I are binge watching After Life on Netflix, it’s hilarious, sad and very life affirming (also a bit rude, there’s a lot of scrambling for the pause button when the kids walk in the room). It’s brought out the sentimental side in me. Hope you’re all having a lovely weekend.

9 thoughts on “All you need

  1. Great poem. All we need is love… food and shelter. But, food and shelter without love, is an empty place.
    “Afterlife” is so good. Funny, sad and yes, very rude. But the message is powerful. X

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    • You’re right, on the hierarchy of needs food & shelter are right up there but the world is indeed an empty place without love, though as the protagonist in After Life is finding out love can be there in subtle ways (even when the C bomb is present 😳) xx

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