The Start of a Beetleful Friendship

Upon an ambling walk I spied a beetle on its back

Its shell was iridescent, shining shades of blue and black

I reached to turn it over, and help it on its way

‘STOP!’ the beetle shouted, imagine my dismay

I want to help, oh little one, I reasoned earnestly

Let me put you on your feet, soon you can be free

My conscience won’t recover if I leave you here like this

Why not let me help? Why do you resist?

I appreciate your true intent, the beetle did reply

But struggle is part of my path, please just walk on by

If I let you right me this time, then my strength will never grow

Next time I flip the wrong way up the power I need won’t flow

There are times I need assistance, and times to let me be

Sometimes I need a friendly ear and you can be there for me

But this is one such challenge, which I must face alone

A trial all beetles must endure, when they are close to grown

I nodded in understanding, of course it’s plain to see

It all makes perfect sense now, and I will let you be

I hope we meet again new friend, I wish you well in life

And know you can always call on me, if ever you’re in strife.

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