Always Becoming

I used to have a vision, of perfect family life
We’d laugh and cuddle every day, no hint of tears or strife
I saw this as a challenge, a problem I could solve
I’d find the path to daily peace, contentment for us all

I researched, read and listened, searched for answers far and wide
Sure I would find the solution, with logic on my side
The more I chased my dream, the more it slipped away
Arguments and resentments churned a little more each day

The mounting waves of should’s and must’s, tools and strategy
Built so high they overwhelmed, crashed my energy
Engulfed, tossed, turned, depleted and unsure
At rock bottom came a clarity I hadn’t felt before

I stilled enough to listen to the voice that lives within
Finally it was clear, where I needed to begin
Family tensions aren’t a problem, but a normal part of life
My reaction to it though, could calm or fan the strife
Instead of seeing tears and shouts as something to be corrected
I began to see the needs they masked, emotions now accepted

In letting go of judgment and the need to keep control,
My wounds began to heal, energy infused my soul
In learning how to feel and let go, a magic slowly unfurled
Our bonds began to deepen, we felt the compassion that lives in this world

I saw the strength in vulnerability, where once I only saw pain
Instead of turning away I met it with love, time and again
As I look upon the tension, now I see through eyes that know
It’s not a battle to be fought and won, but a chance to learn and grow.

Like seasons and the waves, our lives will ebb and flow
Sometimes we’ll hold on, sometimes we’ll need to let go
For the secret to family life and keeping joy alive in our souls
Is accepting that life won’t be perfect, that perfection was never the goal
Some days will bring despair and hurt, some day’s will bring laughter and fun
Even the hardest of days can spark wonder, at what each of us might become

10 thoughts on “Always Becoming

  1. You captured the steps of the journey wonderfully. Beautiful and insightful! This really spoke to me. I believe I am on a similar path as you. Your poem allowed me to see that path more clearly. It brought me a sense of peace and faith that I am not alone and that this path is something good and beautiful. Thank you for sharing your experiences. Your family is beautiful.


    • Thank you so much. It’s wonderful to hear it resonated with you so deeply and that it brought you more clarity.

      It’s a difficult path to follow and I do find myself falling back into old patterns sometimes, but I think going in circles can also be part of the path, the trick is to trust that I’m heading in the right direction, to have faith, as you said x

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  2. “letting go of judgment and the need to keep control”

    Therein is the crux of it for me. Once I gave up judging and feeling like I had to control everything, I got happier. Life is messier now, but much better I feel.

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    • It’s so true Ally…I still struggle with it at times though…sometimes I can slip back into old patterns without really knowing how I got there, but there’s awareness when I do, so I guess that’s progress!

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