Clear as Mud

My heart has aspirations, but my head gets in the way
Always speaking up, to have the final say
It says my heart has pipedreams, wild and shameless fantasies
It promises it would never tell, such blatant fallacies

It says the things my heart envisions, were never meant for me
I need to be a grown up and accept reality
Yet me heart, it keeps on dreaming, singing songs of joy
My head gets even louder, eclipsing melody with noise

It tells me my heart can’t be trusted, those who dare to dream big look like fools
They follow their heart to disaster, all dreams and ideas but no tools
Yet I have the heart of a dreamer, dreams light me up, spark my soul, bring delight
Why does my head say it’s wrong, when my heart sets my body alight?

The path to my dreams is unclear, but one thing is easy to see
For my goals to be reached it’s essential, for my head and my heart to agree
Synchronicity of body and mind, is the key to learning and growth
For the sake of my dreams, I WILL find a way, to value and listen to both

This rhyme has sat on my hard drive for a while.

I like the sentiment but I feel that the cadence doesn’t quite work in some places.

But if there’s one thing I’ve learned from posting my writing online, it’s that what I feel happiest with doesn’t always hit home with other people.

And sometimes, when I post something I’m not too attached to, like the poem I posted last week, it hits home with many of you.

So I’ve resolved to stop trying to second guess myself and just post what I’ve written, come what may, without overthinking it too much.

Perfection is unattainable after all.

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6 thoughts on “Clear as Mud

  1. I’m the same way with the whole investment/effort/reward thing – I’ve given up guessing what will “work”, and just concentrate on being true to myself instead. I tend to think any attempt to understand the nature of the internet rabbit hole is a slippery slope towards utter madness 🙂


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