In My Pocket

My partner lives in my pocket, always close when we’re far away
We share jokes, we share pictures, one-liners, several times a day
When we get home all is silent, downturned faces lit by soft blue light
We never argue, fall out or get angry, soft clicks the only sound in the night

My friends live in my pocket, we chat without talking every day
Images of our emotions, convey all that we need to say
When we get together all is silent, downturned faces lit by soft blue light
Connected to all but each other, soft clicks drift through the night

All I need is in my pocket, shipped from around the globe
Landing on my doorstep, filling my home and wardrobe
Yet my heart grows ever emptier, as my fingers tap and scroll
The blue light dims my own light, censoring my soul

The world lives in my pocket, I carry it with me each day
Knowledge, news and gossip, all just a swipe away
I’ve travelled to far flung places, by the soft blue light of the screen
Though I’ve never left my hometown, there are so many things I’ve seen

I can’t decide if this blue light, is a blessing or a curse
In some ways it fills me up, in others it makes things worse
I’m never alone but I’m lonely, always heard but never seen
Always obscured and filtered, by the blue light of the screen

If this poem resonates with you, have a read of my latest blog post Technology: Power to the People, where I share some optimistic thoughts on screen time.

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6 thoughts on “In My Pocket

    • It’s funny, I wrote this during a period when I was battling the kids (& the husband) over tech, as well as probably spending a bit too much time on social media myself…but after my research for my last trying blog post and a bit of reframing in my mind around how I see screen use, I’ve come away feeling a lot more optimistic!
      I’d like to think that the generations to come will have mastery over their technology, not the other way around. 😚xx


    • I think we can all feel like it sometimes.
      My kids push my buttons most when they don’t listen to me properly, but I think that’s because over the years there’s been many a time when I’ve tried to say something and just received a nod or a grunt in response, mostly as a child but sometimes as an adult (I know I’m guilty of it at times with my kids too, but I’m working on it!)


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