Viva La Revolution!

There is a little voice, that lives deep inside my gut
It speaks with such conviction, I should listen to it but...
Its words are too emotional, its theories sound far-fetched
My brain derides its inklings, as too much of a stretch

When I use my mouth to voice, the words from deep inside
My brain cringes at my absurdity, tells me I should hide
This deeply felt but ill thought-out awareness that I feel
Logic is the only way, the only thing that's real

I try to tune it out, to quench the burning of its words
It struggles, fights and thrashes, with a hunger to be heard
It infuses me with energy, as it tugs upon my heart
But my brain will not acknowlegde, the wisdom it seeks to impart

Over time I learn, whenever I sense its yearning
To squash it down and stamp it out, my brain is more discerning
The voice grows faint as time goes by, a whisper on the breeze
My brain unyielding, victorious, my body leaden with unease

A fog begins to build, my senses imprisoned in shades of grey
Muted.  Dull.  Lethargic.  I stumble.  Falter.  Sway.
My brain tries its best to compensate, frantic with urgency.
Maybe it anticipates, the mounting insurgency

For the voice that was barely a whisper, can stand to be silenced no more
It rises from the pit of my stomach, bursts through my heart, explodes in a ROAR!
Of defiance.  Knowing.  Awareness, that recognises truth
My aching body unshackled, infused with the energy of youth

The world comes alive in technicolour, as I see all that there could be
Not through the lens of should's and must's, for my intuition is finally free
To guide me in my hopes and dreams, which is where every transformation begins
Brain and body aligned, a revolution from within

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