An Unexpected Visitor

 There are holes in my house the size of a door
 They’re all boarded up, still there’s draughts galore
 But there must be a hole somewhere I can’t see
 Because today a little bird came in to visit me
 I was brewing some tea when I heard a rustle, of all things
 I looked up to the sound, the noise was some wings
 A little bird was up there flying, can you imagine my fright?
 But that fright very quickly turned to delight
 A bird in my house, a blue tit no less
 Why she’s come to visit me, I really cannot guess
 I watch her flit around the room, alighting here and there
 Her wings fluttering delicately as she moves gracefully through the air
 Alas little blue tit, I could watch you fly all day
 But here is definitely not a safe place for you to stay
 There are all manner of things you could bump yourself on
 And a puppy who might eat you if you stay here too long
 I open up the windows, she tilts her head and stares
 Then seems to nod to say goodbye and darts out into the air
 Thank you little blue tit for coming to visit me
 Things have felt a little heavy lately, the worlds gone mad you see
 But seeing you this morning reminded me magic does exist
 It’s just in all this fear and worry it’s all too easily missed
 Now instead of deep dark thoughts, prowling around my head
 I have whimsical visions of a blue tit, drinking tea with me instead
 A bit of whimsy might seem trite next to the problems of this Earth
 But sometimes it’s what’s needed, to spread a little mirth 

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