My Mantra

From birth to middle years
My legs so long and limber
Striding ahead, past all my goals
No barriers to hinder

Agile, fast, the path so clear
No standing still, no time to fear
Bounding here and bounding there
Enjoying the race, I am the hare
But time went by and I veered off track
Lost sight of the path, no way back
My thoughts they raced but my body changed, slowed
Lumbering along, unsure where to go
The world seemed so dark, all was not well
 So I retreated inside my shell
Alone in the dark, for a while I felt lost
I stayed still so long my shell gathered moss
But as the moss gathered so my thoughts began to slow
The path I knew was gone but there were other ways to go
I could take the time, I realised, to explore, fail and embrace
This beautiful life bestowed upon me;
Slow and steady, it’s not a race

4 thoughts on “My Mantra

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