Use Them Well

There’s nothing makes me buoyantlike words that can engageReading them or writing themseeing them on stageHearing them in musicor watching them on screenDiscourse dished directlyfilling spaces in-betweenSaid or read within a momentthey have power to spark a changeFor good or ill they’re physicalimbued in each exchangeThe magic found within themwon’t need incantations or a spellLike … Continue reading Use Them Well

These Shoes

These shoes are made for crawling, soft and grippy just like glue One shoe off and one shoe on, all fours around the room These shoes are made for cruising, stable soles with gait askew Small and tentative steps explore a world that’s meant for you The shoes are made for running, so fast you … Continue reading These Shoes

Red Squirrel

I hoped to catch a glimpse of you bright eyed and bushy tailed I scanned each tree in earnest but all to no avail Through closed eyes and wound back time there you are so clearly Bouncing through the autumn leaves I loved to watch you dearly My Dad would say how lucky We were … Continue reading Red Squirrel