Penis doodles: what’s that all about?

My ten year old son came home from school yesterday talking animatedly and knowledgably about penises and vagina’s. I don’t think I’ve seen him this excited about learning in school since the day they had a visit from an African drumming crew, he was enthralled! It was charming and hilarious at the same time (yes, try as I might to be a grown up I still find the words penis and vagina amusing, a problem I’m trying to address through the publication of this post).

My eleven year old daughter (who now attends secondary school) commented that drawings of penises can be found all around her school: on books, on tables, on chairs, I’ve no doubt (were she able to go there) she’d also find some on the walls of the boys toilets. Ah secondary school, how I miss you not one bit.

But this got me thinking, why do boys (and men) draw penises on any available surface?

If asked, I’m sure they’d say because it’s funny, but women also have a sense of humour yet lack a tendency to draw penises (or vaginas) on dust covered cars or steam covered windows. Why do cartoon style penises amuse us so much?

Apparently penis fascination is nothing new. The Romans used to carve penises on everything from walls to chariots, making penis shaped amulets to invoke the protection of the God Fascinus, which were said to give protection in battle and protect from illness.

I’ve scoured the internet and found all sorts of reasons for penis doodles: it’s funny, they’re easy to draw, boys and men are very attached to their penises and when they’re young they see them a lot more than anything else, especially vaginas, some people hazard that it’s a subconscious display of virility, masculinity or a declaration of power.

I guess penises are easy to draw and more easily recognisable than vaginas in doodle form and dick pics (the doodled kind) do bring some amusement. I don’t think I fully appreciated (or considered) the fascination that boys and men have with their penises until my son started to hit puberty. I think I’m in for a hugely educational journey,

So please, help me continue my education. If you’re a man whose go-to doodle is a penis, what’s it all about?

If you’re a woman, what’s your go-to doodle? Mine is a flower, and no I don’t think this is a symbol for my vagina, but perhaps I need some Freudian psychoanalysis before I can be sure.

16 thoughts on “Penis doodles: what’s that all about?

  1. Honestly, I’ve never been a penis doodler. Maybe I’m a prude… I find it amateur.

    However the symbol of the penis can be found most everywhere… the obelisk that is the Washington monument is actually a symbol of the penis. A sign of fertility and yes, power.

    I’ve had one for 43 years. It’s brought me great pleasure and frustration… they tend to desire a mind of their own. Probably because they want to fertilize and have power…

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  2. Hilarious Rae. Good luck with the teenage years !! I’m going to ask the males in my life what the fascination with drawing penises is …I’ll let you know.
    My doodles, usually when I’m on the phone,are often flowers too depending on how I’m feeling. I’ve noticed if it’s a frustrating call I’ll doodle a meshwork of what appear to be prison bars, or continuous spirals. I’m sure there’s a lot to be learned from analysing our doodles. X

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    • Thanks lovely Mandy, I think I’ll need all the luck I can get!

      You’re right I’m sure there’s a wealth of information on our mental and emotional states hidden behind our drawings, I looked for a book on it but I drew a blank 😂

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  3. I suppose we can’t blame the boys for being fascinated with their convenient exterior plumbing – then some little boys don’t grow up and the ones that can’t build lighthouses and rockets just do doodles. If we call them childish they would call it penis envy – poor little girls are not even aware they have interesting private parts!

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    • I love this perspective! 😂 You’re so right. We only have to look at the sky scrapers in the cities to see even more evidence…perhaps a well placed mirror for the girls growing into their power would lead to some more diverse architecture 🤔

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