Pay attention to the Universe

There’s been a lot of ‘meh’ in my energy the past couple of days. 

I’m living on a building site with more holes than the titanic (the ship and the movie) and the dust levels have me wondering if I might be better off keeping my mask on to stay at home. 

I’ve spent the past month online stalking secondary schools to submit an application for my daughter and generally overthinking the whole process (having to choose a school without being able to look around it does not sit well with my research obsessed, analytical brain).

Then came the announcement we’re heading into another national lockdown and I couldn’t seem to lift my thoughts to any state of positivity beyond indifference.

But then the Universe seemed to conspire, as the Universe so often does, to remind me how much more interesting life is when I stop dwelling on the negatives, stop worrying about what might happen and open myself up to the present moment. 

When I’m able to do this, good things often follow.

A couple of weeks ago, for instance, I got my first paid writing job.  It came courtesy of a moment of action over the summer when I decided to apply for a creative job with a friends’ company.

I had minimal experience but the position sounded so interesting; I reasoned to myself that in my newfound spirit of action taking (see my blog post on overthinking) I should apply for it anyway. 

What was the worst that could happen?

Well, I didn’t get the job. 

But I had taken a risk and gone for it, which for me was a pretty big deal.  My world didn’t implode and not getting the job didn’t make me feel any less than; the very act of going for it felt like a win and this showed me the importance of trying for the things I want despite my doubts, even if the outcome isn’t quite what I’d hoped.

Buoyed by my newfound determination to take positive action I made good on my promise to myself to start my own blog and share it with people (hi people).

Fast forward a few months and after reading my blog my friend asked if I could write regular posts for her business website.  As the man Brandon Flowers sang; dreams come true.  I am now being paid to write!

The Universe aligned because instead of ruminating over what might or might not happen I focused on taking positive action. I didn’t pause to worry (much) about the many scenarios my overthinking mind liked to play out in which I failed epically and was humiliated beyond redemption.

I applied for a creative job.  I set up a blog.  I wrote the rhymes that came to me and then shared them with others, instead of leaving them imprisoned on my hard drive forever.

The Universe aligned again today to pull me out of my negative ruminations on all things dust filled and lockdown related by sending me an unexpected visitor.  You can read all about it in my latest rhyme, which I just posted.

Until next time, stay safe, don’t sweat the small stuff and pay attention to the Universe.  It’s far more interesting than anything in the news. 

7 thoughts on “Pay attention to the Universe

  1. Go for your goal Rae. Let your feelings out and share your inner thoughts-you will never look back The sky is the limit


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